Java Monkey Speaks Anthology Vol. 4 Out Now!

Poetry Atlanta Press announces the publication of Java Monkey Speaks: A Poetry Anthology, Vol. 4 edited by Kodac Harrison and Collin Kelley. The anthology is filled with both local, national and internationally known poets who have featured at the Java Monkey Speaks open mic/reading series held every Sunday night in Decatur. The series, held at Java Monkey Coffee House, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

This edition features poetry by Yolo Akili, Lynn Alexander, Amena Brown, Dr. William J. Carpenter, Chiara, Franny Choi, Gary Coseri, Sylvia Cross, Theresa Davis, Travis Wayne Denton, Rupert Fike, Darnell Fine, Fernando Fortin, Daryl A. Funn, Lori Gaurisco, Kodac Harrison, Karen Head, Courtney D. Hester, Robert Perry Ivey, Chas Jackson, F. Geoffrey Johnson, Seaborn Jones, Collin Kelley, Hillary Kobernick, Ivy Le, Marques Linly, Alice Lovelace, Ryk McIntyre, Marissa S. McNamara, Ray McNiece, Agnes Meadows, Stephen Micko, Opal Moore, Jason Myers, Meadow Overstreet, Bryan Pattillo, JC Reilly, Bethsheba A. Rem, Elaine Roberts, Louise Runyon, Ezra Stead, Bill Taft, Brent Taylor, Alita-Brielle Terry, Natasha Trethewey, Dan Veach, Megan Volpert and Karen Wurl.

The trade paperback edition is available for purchase for $8.00 at this link or as an ebook for only 99 cents at this link.