In Memoriam: JS van Buskirk

We were saddened to learn of the death of Atlanta poet and performer Stephanie Ann Paulk, known to many in the writing community by her pen name, JS van Buskirk. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2001 and died from complications on Tuesday at the age of 38.

Even after her diagnosis, Stephanie was active on the poetry scene – including appearances at the Decatur Book Festival and at Java Monkey Speaks. She was the founder and original MC of the variety show INFO DEMO, performed with the Atlanta Poets Group and collaborated with artist Julie Püttgen on the multi-media project, "An Infinite Variety of Similar Things." She was also active on Twitter, using the social media platform to create haiku and short sonnets.

Our sympathies go out to Stephanie's friends and family, in particular her husband, poet Randy Prunty. To read and discover more of Stephanie's work, visit


Anonymous said...

Stephanie was a friend of mine in college. She was immensely talented and so much fun -- witty, quirky, funny, and kind. It is so hard for me to believe that she could be gone.

Anonymous said...

Very sad news. Thanks for posting. Her life added to the world.

Anonymous said...

I never met Stephanie in person--I knew of her through her Twitter postings and her other online postings and work, all of which brought joy, enrichment and, unfailingly,light to the day. I found great pleasure in her "guess what's in the box" Twitter series and were delighted when my alter-ego (our dog) won a certificate from JS van Buskirk in one of the competitions. I only today learned of her death. Needless to say, I am very saddened to learn of the loss of such a special beacon and talent. My sympathies to all who knew her, especially her husband.