Poetry Atlanta Fundraiser - in London - July 31

Award-winning Atlanta poet and Poetry Atlanta community board member, Karen Head, has been selected to take part in the historic Fourth Plinth project, One & Other, in London. More than 2,000 people were selected to stand on the famed Fourth Plinth over 100 days in Trafalgar Square to help create a snapshot of modern Britain. Head, who is teaching at Worcester College in Oxford this summer, was one of the 2,400 selected from more than 14,000 applicants to stand on the Fourth Plinth on Friday, July 31, from 5 to 6 p.m. British Standard Time (12 noon in Atlanta). While on the Plinth, Head will be writing and reading poems, as well as using Twitter and her blog, Poetic Acts in A Digital World, to communicate with others both in London and around the world. Read Karen's statement about her participation in the project at this link.

Head is looking for sponsorships for her hour on the Plinth as a fundraiser for Poetry Atlanta. You can donate any amount, but those who donate $25 will be recognized here at Poetry Atlanta and will also receive a copy of the new Poetry Atlanta DVD anthology, Trouble and Hope. If you donate $100 or more, you get a DVD and Head will interact with you via Twitter and the web from the Plinth. Money raised during this special event will be used to help Poetry Atlanta continue its mission of promoting poetry in the city, including readings, open mics, workshops, publications, films and recordings.

Head is the author the recently released collection Sassing (WordTech Editions) and the award-winning collections, My Paris Year and Shadow Boxes (both from All Nations Press). She is the graduate communications coordinator and special advisor to the writing and communications program at Georgia Tech.

UPDATE: Read the article in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution about Head's participation in the One & Other project at this link.

Thanks to the donors who have contributed so far:
  • Katherine Kincer
  • Christine Swint
  • Robert Wood
  • Carolyn Wierson
  • Julie Blomeke
  • Donna Llewellyn
  • Lisa Allender
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